Nezelhorns_by_Peter_Gannushkin-01Photo by Peter Gannushkin during a concert at Barefoot Records, 10th of July 2019

‘Nezelhorns’ is a modern jazz quintet from Copenhagen, led by the Danish saxophonist Nana Pi. The band plays original compositions with great emphasis on sound and improvisation, The music is melodic, new and refreshing and has a massive touch, that hits the air like cannonballs.

In spring 2013 they released their debut album “Nezelhorns In An Elephant String” has been referred to as “Swedish jazz with genuine darkness” by DN’s jazz reviewer Johannes Cornell. And Jan Strand from OJ says: “A very worth hearing record that is recommended!”.

“Nana Pi Aabo Larsen writes interesting songs, where she gives great freedom to the other musicians. The arrangements work very well, especially because they combine the instruments in an original way, for example trombone solo over bass and bass clarinet backgrounds. This gives the album an original expression, and when you have such a good trombonist as Hängsel in the band, it becomes interesting.”- Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts 2015.

The band consist of:

Nana Pi – tenor saxophone
Petter Hängsel – trombone
Erik Kimestad – trumpet
Johannes Vaht – double bass
Kristoffer Rostedt – drums