Upcoming Concerts:


Previous Concerts:

Date          Time  Venue

27th of Jan.  21.00  Mandagsklubben - 5e, Copenhagen

21st of Feb.  15.00  FredagsJAM - Tøjhuset, Fredericia

Date          Time  Venue

10th of July  14.00  Barefoot - Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Cph.

Date          Time  Venue

12th of April 21.00  Moriskan Jazz Club, Malmö 

11th of Sep.  20.00  Mandagsklubben 5e, Cph. (feat. Kresten Osgood)

12th of Sep.  20.00 Tøjhuset, Fredericia (feat. Kresten Osgood)

14th of Sep. 20.00  Dexter, Odense (feat. Kresten Osgood)

Date          Time   Venue

22nd of April 20.00   Bullret, Malmö 

18th of April 21.00   Blågaardsapotek, Copenhagen 

15th of March 20.30   Ma Thilda, Berlin

14th of March 20.00   Valentin Stüberl, Berlin (12+ )

13th of March 20.30   Café Fincan, Berlin

Date           Time  Venue

8th of July    19.00  Musikcaféen - Huset, Copenhagen 

19th of Feb.   22.00  PH Caféen, Copenhagen 

Date          Time  Venue

15th of July  16.00  Ambassaden, Aarhus C

15th of July  14.00  Løve's Bog Café, Aarhus C

8th of July   22.00  Tango y Vinos, Copenhagen 

7th of July   19.30  PH caféen, Copenhagen 

7th of July   16.00  Gårdscenen - Huset, Copenhagen  

6th of July   20.00  Café Zusammen, Copenhagen 

6th of July   17.00  Mellemrummet, Copenhagen 

5th of May    20.00  Underhuset - Husetsteater, Copenhagen  

4th of May    20.30  Jive - Bygningen, Vejle

3rd of May    21.00  Uteater, Odense C

2nd of May    22.00  Grand, Malmö

Date           Time   Venue

30th of Sep.   15.00   Liljeforsalen, Malmö

28th of Sep.   17.00   Ambassaden, Aarhus 

27th of Sep.   19.00   Torsdagscafé, Fredericia

26th of Sep.   21.00   Børneteateret - Christiania Jazz Club, Cph.

30th of July to 1st of August - Ærø Jazz Festival

22th of April  20.00   Mascot, Malmö

14th of April  20.00   Kind of Blue, Copenhagen 

13th of April  22.00   Teater Momentum, Odense C

12th of April  20.00   Torsdagscafé, Fredericia   

5th of April   20.00   Smygrelease för Nöjesguiden

21st of Feb.   20.00   Volym, Malmö

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